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Ghostly Girls' School
Season 1 - Episode 104
Ghostly Girls' School
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Sweet Briar...Has sort of a double entendre, doesn't it?

Sweet Briar College in Virginia, was the scene of this horror tale of students who were haunted by an evil presence.

Dani Huphrey was thrilled to be a student at Sweet Briar, an all women's college. Friends were fellow swimmers Laure Herzog and Chloe Day and roommate Sara Fletcher.   

Dani first encountered an oddity late at night in the bathroom. She was alone, but the faucets turned on and off!  Who was doing that??  She saw a light figure pass her stall door and she was afraid to come out! Finally, she busts out of the stall and it is silent, and there is no sign of water around the sink. 

Another night, Sara was walking the hall alone and distinctly heard footsteps right behind her!  She saw her own reflection and that of a girl in an old fashioned white nightgown. There was something standing next to her that she couldn't see.  FREAK OUT TIME!

The young women share stories, and revisit an old ghost lore that the college founder's daughter, Daisy, liked to roam the campus. Daisy had suffered from a genetic disease and died young.  Her mother never recovered, and dedicated her life to providing education to other girls. Daisy is buried on the campus and every year, all the young women from the school place daisies on her grave.

Dani brought her visiting sister to a newer building, and while they were in the elevator the elevator took them to the fourth floor, which was usually only accessible by key. When the doors opened there was a chair directly in front as if someone was sitting there, waiting for them. Dani called out to Daisy, and the chair started to move! She shouted "Daisy Stop"!  And the elevator doors closed.

But apparently there is a more ominous figure on campus as well! Chloe reports feeling chills and hearing a whistle while walking to swim practice. She sees an all black figure coming towards her.

Dani began to research the history of the college. She learned that Lucien Fletcher, Daisy's uncle, was furious that he was cut out of the family will and all the fortune was going to the women's college. He had been an outlaw, and threatened to kill his sister, Daisy's mother. Could he be the angry black shadow? 

One night, Sara dreamt she was being choked and woke up in terror! There was a figure sitting by her bed! Dani saw it too. Then it started moving directly towards Dani!! A girl from a nearby room interrupted the experience- thank goodness! They both immediately thought of Lucien.

Eventually, things became more dangerous for the girls and they decided to not be roommates anymore. Dani and Laure moved in together and Dani had a terrifying dream that she was being shaken violently by an angry man. She woke up and realized that Laure was being choked in her sleep! Laure had been dreaming that she was being choked- Dani screamed and screamed at Laure until the choking stopped. What had just happened?

The next day Dani had a massive bruise around her arm- like fingers- where she had been shaken in her dream. The young women all believe Daisy stays on the property to help the students defend themselves against Lucien.  


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