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Dan Feuerriegel

One of three generals in the rebellion, Agron is a hot-tempered warrior who is fiercely loyal to Spartacus and the cause. Still enraged by the death of his brother Duro, who was slaughtered in the escape from Batiatus' ludus, he continues seeking blind vengeance at every opportunity. Often, his anger is directed toward Crixus, but despite their differences the two are united in the cause. Agron was also instrumental in overthrowing Glaber's forces at the Battle of Vesuvius, which ultimately resulted in the death of Glaber and a great victory for the rebellion. Now, as Spartacus' right hand man, he is responsible for his leader's safety while fighting for the cause.

About Dan Feuerriegel

Dan Feuerriegel was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, in 1981. Though diagnosed with a rare heart condition at birth, which doctors predicted would lead to a sheltered life, Dan excelled in athletics, choir, and drama as a child. After a brief stint as a veterinary science student in college, Dan realized his true calling was acting and he enrolled in the fine arts department at Queensland University of Technology. Dan landed his first professional acting gig in 2005, in a TV movie called Small Claims: White Wedding, and has worked steadily ever since. He also appeared in McLeod's Daughters and Winners & Losers.