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Simon Merrells

A man of great wealth, position, and considerable wisdom for his age, Marcus Crassus is the last hope the Roman Senate has to defeat the rebellion. He amassed his extraordinary wealth through a series of shrewd business decisions but the honor of military success has always eluded him. Now, Crassus has opportunity to gain that recognition using all means at his disposal to defeat Spartacus. Unlike his predecessors, Crassus will not underestimate this “mere slave;” the man has defeated countless Roman armies, and will do so again if not matched in brains as well as brawn. But bringing death to Spartacus will require more than just money.  So, Crassus will call upon a young and battle experienced Julius Caesar to help, much to the envy of his oldest son Tiberius, who wants only to prove himself to his father.

About Simon Merrells

English actor Simon Merrells, an accomplished stage and television actor, has starred in many acclaimed productions, including Much Ado About Nothing, Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, Twelfth Night, and Cyrano de Bergerac. His television credits include Doctors, Family Affairs, and The New Adventures of Robin Hood. He also appeared as Ben Talbot in Universal's Wolfman.