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Manu Bennett

Once the Champion of Capua, and rival to Spartacus, Crixus has since become one of the rebel leader's most trusted generals. He blamed himself for losing Naevia, his love from the House of Batiatus, to a fate worse than death. But, with Spartacus' aid, he rescued her from the mines, almost sacrificing his own life in the process. After an emotional reunion, he trained Naevia to fight like a gladiator and then watched as she took her revenge on Ashur. Now, Crixus has a mind focused on war, and the defeat of the Roman Republic. He'll do it all with Naevia by his side, and he'll see hell before being separated from her again.

About Manu Bennett

Of Maori descent and born in Auckland, New Zealand, Bennett's family relocated to Australia soon after his birth. During high school, Bennett played rugby and studied classical ballet and piano before attending the University of New South Wales to study drama.

Previous television credits include starring roles in the successful New Zealand productions Shortland Street, Street Legal, Mataku, Creature Quest, Going Straight, Sinbad and the Minotaur, and Xena: Warrior Princess. His first feature film role was opposite Anthony LaPaglia in the multiple- award-winning Lantana. Other feature film credits include major supporting roles in The Condemned, 30 Days of Night, and The Hobbit trilogy.