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Pana Hema-Taylor

A young Syrian body slave freed by Spartacus and the rebellion, Nasir had a life of position and respect in his master's villa. But that was all stripped away from him when he was given his freedom, and he resented Spartacus for it. After a failed assassination attempt on Spartacus, Nasir realizes that he is in the presence of a man who really does want justice, and begins to train as a warrior. He receives instruction from Spartacus himself, and counsel from Agron, who becomes more than just a trusted friend. Over time, Nasir engages in an intimate relationship with Agron, and also proves his worth as a skilled fighter.

About Pana Hema-Taylor

New Zealand actor Pana Hema-Taylor has appeared in such films as The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, Boy, and Nights in the Garden of Spain. His stage credits include Skylock, Romeo and Juliet, and Ngá Manurere.