Sacramentum Gladiatorum

Spartacus, sleeping in the Ludus owned by Batiatus has a dream that his wife Sura has come to tell him that everything's going to be okay. And then her head sort of explodes and he wakes up and finds that he's chained to a table. And Batiatus wants all his hair to be cut and he needs a bath.

Batiatus meanwhile, goes to see his wife, Lucretia, who is bummed that their bathtub has no water because Batiatus keeps buying Gladiators. The good news, though, is that Claudius Glaber is coming. And then they have sex, but somehow not with each other, and THEN with each other, while their slaves stand around and watch.

The gladiators take baths and shave each other. Spartacus learns that his new name is Spartacus. And Crixus and Barca taunt him and everyone says that being a gladiator is awesome. In the morning, everyone goes out into the training area and some rules are set down by Oenomaus, who is basically the headmaster of the school. For all of the baths they've just taken, they're all still pretty dirty.

Oenomaus says that Spartacus is still just a nobody, and then tells him to fight. Spartacus doesn't want to, and then Crixus beats him up and then one of the other new recruits gets killed.  And Spartacus is spared by Batiatus because Glaber's coming and he wants Spartacus alive…for now.

The training begins and everyone learns how to use a sword and a shield. During a gross lunch, Spartacus meets Varro, who has to pay off the debts of his wife and son. And the Ovidius comes to tell Batiatus that he owes him a ton of money for grain, which Batiatus assures him he can pay after the upcoming games.

In the middle of the night, the gladiators have to carry logs around to make them stronger, but then when breakfast arrives, Barca spills the food everywhere. Then Ashur, one of the gladiators with the gammy leg, provides food to Spartacus. Nice guy, but the party doesn't last because Spartacus is dragged off to meet with Claudius Glaber. And here's where things get terrible: Glaber has the purple ribbon that Spartacus tied around Sura's leg when he left town, she's been sold as a slave.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, Lucretia and Ilithyia meet and it turns out they're not dissimilar. They both like good wine and bawdy tales. And Ilithyia is actually super into giant gladiator types. Also, she might be into Lucretia, too. 

So then serious things go down: Spartacus goes back to the training and when he sees Glaber leaving, he gets super angry and shows what a serious fighter he is, by fighting Kerza like crazy. (Kerza's the guy with "Fugitive" on his forehead). And in the scuffle, he loses Sura's purple ribbon. Oenomaus finds it, gives it to Batiatus, who then uses it to convince Spartacus to fight for him, on the condition that he'll totally try to find Sura for him.

Finally, a series of battles on a wooden platform kills one of the trainees. There's a lot more fighting to get into the Gladiator brotherhood, including a pretty serious moment where Spartacus has a chance to kill Crixus, but doesn't. Varro and Kerza get to recite the oath with Spartacus, and they all get a B burned into their arms. And here's the main question: what's up with Lucretia and Crixus? Check back next episode.