The Thing In the Pit

Spartacus is in deep trouble, you guys. Batiatus is angry because Spartacus went to face Crixus in the arena and he screwed up and now the crowd doesn't like him anymore. Batiatus also tells Spartacus that his deal is off and nobody's going to go looking for Mrs. Spartacus (Sura) until he "earns favor" again. And to do that, he has to survive "in the pit."

And then Batiatus goes on a bit of a mission to sell everyone in the Ludus on this plan, and nobody's having it. Doctore tells Batiatus that this is a bad plan; while Lucretia doesn't seem to care that it might bring them more money because she is worried about/totally hot for Crixus.

The pit turns out to be the ancient Capua version of the biker bar from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. People are really excited at the fighting that's going down here and the first thing that happens is that Kurza gets his face torn off by a giant who, get this, decides to wear his face in the next battle.

Back in the ludus, Naevia returns the necklace to Crixus while she's leading him off to Lucretia's room for some action. Lucretia is dressed like Lady Godiva and seeing the necklace and thinking it's for her, accepts it as a gift from Crixus.

Back in the pit, the fight is underway, and a dude in a mask shouts that everyone is going to wear gloves they draw out of a bucket. Spartacus's opponent gets one with nails poking out (oof) while Batiatus places a bet on Spartacus to win. And Spartacus DOES win, when he slams a hook into the guy's neck. Everyone's thrilled and then Batiatus tells him it's time to fight again!

When Spartacus comes back to the gladiator sleeping camp, Varro tells him that fighting in the pit is going to warp him into a twisted thing. The next morning, in the marketplace, Lucretia is selling her jewelry when Solonius turns up (in his wig) and wants to buy it from her for full price so he can give it back to her. She's having none of it.

Out in the training yard, Pietros, Barca's Bruno-Marsy looking boyfriend (called it!) offers Spartacus some porridge, and Barca is told to get Spartacus ready for tonight's big fight. Spartacus goes back to the biker bar and starts just really wailing on people. He keeps winning and killing. And at one point, he looks into the audience to see Mrs. Spartacus, Sura, watching the match. It really freaks him out.

Meanwhile, Naevia tells Crixus that the necklace thing was all a big misunderstanding; she wouldn't have been able to keep it. Crixus kisses her. She calls him a fool and storms off. Oh, Naevia. So fickle, so misunderstood.  Meanwhile, Spartacus has a vision of Sura asking how much longer he'll be doing this, while weirdly hallucinating between her and Varro.

Batiatus and Lucretia fight about money in the Ludus, because that's what they do. He's mad that she sold her jewels. And it bonds them together.  When Lucretia tells him that Solonius knows about the fact that everyone is aware that they're fighting in the pit, they seem pretty bonded over how much they hate that guy.

Spartacus has a dream that Batiatus has brought back his wife, and when she says, "the rains are coming," he believes it's a vision, that he has to save her before the rains come. 
Batiatus comes to him and says that the gods will reward him. And he tells Batiatus that he has to save her before the rains come. Spartacus tells Batiatus that he'll die in the pits willingly if Batiatus will rescue his wife. Or hound him from the grave. Batiatus agrees.

The fight starts and Batiatus is watching when Spartacus realizes that two slave types are trying to kill Batiatus! Spartacus wins the match, and throws the axe at the slave. He's saved Batiatus's life! Back at the ludus, Batiatus has to tell Lucretia that yes, he lost a lot of money on Spartacus' fight, but he's still alive and that's the way it goes, so he's going to give him back his status as a gladiator.