Delicate Things

Batiatus is pretty excited. That Theokoles is defeated means that honor has returned to the ludus! Spartacus is the new Champion of Capua! And: Crixus didn't die, he's just really hurt and at the Medicus and having his wounds burned! Psyche!

Back inside, Lucretia is sort of pouty, which makes sense because Crixus is in the hospital, but also she has a real thing against Spartacus. When Batiatus tells everyone that he's found Sura, Spartacus is crazy grateful since it's the central motivation the guy has had from the beginning. Let's just take a minute to remember that: the return of his wife is all the guy ever wanted.

Spartacus gets a swinging new pad and learns that Sura will be coming, but also she'll be a slave now and can't live with him. Meanwhile, Ashur and Barca have a disagreement about the winnings from the bet, and Barca goes back to find a worried Pietros, tending to their pigeon farm. Barca tries to tell him that he never killed that Ovidius kid, and that they'll soon be free. Looks like it's going to be a really nice ending for these two nutty kids, until it turns out Ashur has heard the whole thing. Uh-oh.

Varro and Spartacus talk about Sura's arrival, and Spartacus reveals his plan to escape, and uses a lovely dramatization technique to do so! Varro tells him it's going to be impossible, but Spartacus is having none of it. Later, Batiatus takes Spartacus to get some new clothes, and they bump into the Magistrate. He's there with his kind of nerdy son Numerius, who is super into Spartacus. Everyone agrees that Spartacus should tutor Numerius, because it's really a win-win. Batiatus gets the favor of the magistrate, the kid gets some toughening up, and Spartacus … what's he up to?

Naevia and Lucretia visit Crixus, who does not look great, while Spartacus manages to get hookers and booze sent to the other gladiators. And here's where it gets interesting, Ashur is up to no good while trying to settle his debt with Barca, and he's using people he's been pretty bad to in the past to do so.

Back at the ludus, Spartacus teaches Numerius to fight and ultimately convinces him to take off his belt, which…ah-ha! He's stealing the kid's dagger! Just in time to find out that the son of Ovidius is alive! Lucretia and Batiatus are noticeably freaked out by the news, because the boy could identify Barca, which would then incriminate the ludus. The hookers and booze arrive, and Ashur, that sneaking devil, sells Barca out to Batiatus.

Everyone is at the swinging hooker party (and sheesh, wow, that's really something, huh?). When Spartacus decides to go and visit Crixus, he thanks the doctor for keeping him alive, then re-opens one of his wounds, puts drugs in the wine, and sneaks away. Spartacus, man with a plan. Spartacus visits Doctore, and gives him the drugged wine.  That's some shady doings.

Meanwhile, Batiatus questions Pietros, who: sweet as a lamb, dumb as a stump, that kid. Pietros unwillingly seals Barca's fate by telling Batiatus that Barca totally didn't kill the Ovidius kid. Ashur comes to get Barca from the orgy and leads him to Batiatus. This is when everything goes completely haywire. Batiatus is furious and a whole lot of gladiator guards attack Barca, mess him up pretty bad, and then Batiatus finally kills him. The magistrate shows up to tell them all that Ovidius's son IS actually dead!

Wait! But…Barca, and the… oh boy.

Everyone starts lying to Pietros and tells him that Barca bought his freedom and left without him. That kid can't catch a break. Varro and Spartacus meet in the morning to greet the caravan carrying Sura, and the fantasy flash-sideways once again illustrate that Spartacus's plan is to hold Batiatus hostage and escape. 

But! Problems! Just the moment we've all been waiting for, the return of Sura, the moment Spartacus has been building toward since the very first moment of episode one – uh-oh, caravan driver seems injured. There's been an attack! AND! Wait, look over there! Doctore has recovered, he's furious, and ready for revenge! And, wait, no! Spartacus finds Sura, she's wounded, she smiles, and then she dies.