Men of Honor

Now that Spartacus has a city (Sinuessa), there are weapons to be made (conveniently there's metal for swords to be made out of captors chains!). Spartacus keeps the blacksmith happy, orders food for the fancy people who are now captives, and continues the training of the rebel army.  But it's not easy, the people are hungry and restless.

Crixus decides to pit the baker and another townsperson against each other in the town square. In the scuffle, Naevia thinks the baker is reaching for a sword to kill Crixus, and she wounds him pretty badly. Crixus calls her out on it and she tells him of the torture she endured at the hands of a Roman nobleman.  Naevia hates Romans. We don't blame her, but like…HATES them.

Across town, Spartacus deals with the fact that some ships have sailed into the harbor. A new threat seems to have come to town in the form of a pirate named Heracleo. Everyone's sort of wary about them, but Spartacus and the pirate reach a tentative agreement to work together because they both hate the Romans. 

Back in the Roman camp, a soldier returns and has news that Spartacus is a formidable enemy. Caesar kills him, which infuriates Tiberius and he decides to strike.  In Sinuessa, Spartacus frees Laeta, tells her that her husband had a pact with some pirates, and asks her to help keep the captive Roman citizens calm, and to help give them food. Additionally, when the Pirate Heracleo says he wants Laeta as part of a deal, Spartacus replies that he's no Roman. Always a stand up dude, that Spartacus.

Then a party! A lot of nudity and wine, and Saxa tells Gannicus that the young girl who's been skulking around (Sibyl) has the hots for him. It turns out he saved her life, and she wants to thank him. Also during the party, this dude Castus flirts with Nasir, making Agron crazy jealous. Not to worry, Agron and Nasir make up, pretty graphically. Speaking of, back in Gannicus's room, Saxa has put on a dress and set up a three-way with Sybil. Gannicus tells her she's too young and shouldn't hang out with dudes like him. 

So then the fighting starts. Spartacus splits up the team to go and meet the pirates for trading on the beach. When they get there, Tiberius and his men spot them, and attack, even though Tiberius isn't supposed to. Meanwhile in the city, some of the captives are leaving and Naevia tries to decide what to do.  Which is to decide that the blacksmith Attius is helping them. So she beats him to death with a hammer. 

Back on the beach, the alliance between the rebels and the pirates is struck and Spartacus is saved by Heracleo when the Romans attack. And then, when even more Romans show up, Heracleo lobs giant firebombs toward the Romans to save Team Spartacus. In the battle Tiberius is wounded pretty bad and the Romans make a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile, it turns out that it was Laeta who was smuggling the Romans out of the city, not Attius. So, did Naevia kill him in vain? Looks like it.