Mors Indecepta

High on the mountaintop, it's pretty desperate times for Team Spartacus as more and more people fall victim to the giant pit that Crassus has dug for them. When the army arrives, Spartacus tells them that they won't be attacking because the Roman Army is just waiting for their leaders to arrive. Meanwhile in Sinuessa, Crassus lets Tiberius back into the army. Which is pretty much Tiberius's whole thing, right? Dad's approval? So maybe he can be less rapey now? Maybe?

Meanwhile, up on the hill, Gannicus miraculously turns down sex with Saxa because maybe he's getting a little churchy? Also, Castus is bullied because everyone thinks he is a traitor because of that mean old pirate that betrayed them. Nasir defends Castus and they get just a little bit flirty, which irritates Agron, but the upside: Castus wants to fight!  Also Laeta is really going through it – she's pretty depressed and refuses to eat but Spartacus tells her to keep her chin up. And let's be honest, it can't get a whole lot worse for her -- but then, that's never been a safe bet for any of these people.

Kore and Tiberius hang out in the kitchen for a bit and she learns a pretty devastating fact: that Tiberius has finagled Crassus into basically gifting her to Tiberius. Ew. Well this won't do, so Kore goes to Crassus and asks about this but she doesn't get a chance because the battle is about to start.

Spartacus and team come up with a plan, to sneak across the field and attack Crassus before the battle begins. The whole thing would have worked if Crassus were not so far ahead of them. He's planted a message in the tent they attack: the body of Donar with the word "Death" carved into him. It's an ambush! Spartacus and his team are attacked by Roman soldiers and Naevia in particular goes down. Bad news though, one of the soldier calls Crixus a coward and he attacks like crazy.

Back in Sinuessa, Caesar gets a bit lippy with Crassus and that doesn't go great because it makes things tense between Tiberius and Caesar and Crassus. Also, oh boy, now Tiberius is in charge. Kore pulls Caesar aside and tells him about how Tiberius has been doing some terrible things.

Meanwhile, the rebel army braces for the storm that's rolling in, freezing their faces off and praying like crazy. Naevia is being nursed back to health by Crixus when Spartacus shows up and the two get into a fight. They don't have a lot of options about how to go about the attack, and Crixus freaks out and hits Spartacus in the face, but not before saying that he's going to take an army of people who agree with him and attack the Romans.

Meanwhile, Caesar shows in the army tent with a surprise: Kore. You know who is really angry about this? Tiberius. He's pretty irritated that Caesar brought her here. Kore also wants to tell Crassus about Tiberius, but when Crassus says that there's nothing Tiberius can do that he wouldn't be forgiven for – she decides against it.

Also, Laeta shares a blanket with Spartacus to keep warm and Gannicus is missing. It turns out he's rescuing Sybil from praying with the rest of the ladies, and they seek shelter under an overturned wagon. Gannicus is something of a believer in the Gods now, and thus somehow seems okay with having sex with Sybil in the snow while her priestess buddies freeze to death.

All of this gives Spartacus an idea – it's time to breach that giant pit because there probably isn't much on the other side.  Turns out he's right, and the team crosses by filling the pit with the bodies that died in the storm. It's grim but effective, and it infuriates Crassus like crazy. Oh, also for some reason Kore seems to have joined the rebellion but that MIGHT be part of her plot with Caesar.