StrandedLife After Stranded

Life After Stranded

Sara Gates

1. During the week, were you ever so afraid that you wanted to leave the location?

It might be because I'm a little strange, but I was never so afraid that I wanted to leave. The more frightened I was, the more I wanted to stay and catch something concrete.

2. When you felt yourself growing scared, what did you do to calm down?

Any time it got to be really crazy, I took a breath and reminded myself that I wanted to be there investigating, that this was why I signed up. It didn't hurt to know that even though you can't catch feelings on camera, if something solid happened it would be recorded.

3. Did you have any nightmares or ill feelings after filming?

Absolutely. The first week or so I was back home, it was a little tough re-adjusting to the normal everyday things, specifically interacting with people. It was a culture shock, almost the reverse of the feeling I got when it sank in that we were alone on the island. I felt kind of raw and over-stimulated by the crowds of the city. There was a specific instance while I was at work in the senior living facility where I work - one of the residents' grandchildren was visiting and I heard the out of place laughter and it actually stopped me cold for a second.

4. If you had the opportunity, would you ever go back to the location?

DEFINITELY. No question. I feel like we could have stayed for a month and not recorded everything there was to record. Not to mention the beautiful location and sort of mournful stories attached to it - that would be worth another visit.

5. After your experiences, do you now believe in the paranormal?

I believed before the island.  I had had a few run-ins with the paranormal, or what I suppose I imagine to be paranormal. Some of what we caught on record during our time there is - to me - undeniable proof. We experienced (and recorded) things that I have wanted my whole life to experience. That's enough for me to continue my belief. But, I guess it mainly has encouraged me to keep looking, because there is something there.

6. What advice would you give to someone who's headed to a haunted location?

Breathe. Remember that you're going there to experience something one way or the other. Keep in mind that unlike us, you CAN leave if it gets too intense. Keep in mind that maybe you shouldn't.


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