StrandedLife After Stranded

Life After Stranded

Tyler Parson

1. During the week, were you ever so afraid that you wanted to leave the location?

I can specifically remember a few times I would have given anything to go home. By the end of the week I was so drained from the lack of sleep and from constantly being on high alert.

2. When you felt yourself growing scared, what did you do to calm down?

There was no calming down in that place! At times, I would just close my eyes…but it didn't help much.

3. Did you have any nightmares or ill feelings after filming?

Honestly, I thought I would, but I had been through so much there, that I felt impervious to being scared at home for the first few days. I did have a few nightmares weeks later, mostly of being stuck upstairs in that room again and being held down...eek!

4. If you had the opportunity, would you ever go back to the location?

The time I spent there was more than enough for one person to bear. I don't want to ever see that place again.

5. After your experiences, do you now believe in the paranormal?

I tried my hardest to ignore everything that happened. After I left and time had passed, I kept trying to make sense of everything…but I really can't explain it. So yes, I do believe in the paranormal.

6. What advice would you give to someone who's headed to a haunted location?

Be respectful, and keep an open mind. I had made some jokes because I didn't believe in any of this "ghost" nonsense. Then, I began to feel victimized by the energy in that place. At times I didn't feel like myself. I felt as though I was being mentally, sometimes physically tormented for my ridiculing.

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