StrandedHaunted - Or Not?

Haunted - Or Not?

Star Island

Location: Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire
Original Use: Hotel and religious retreat
Size: 32 buildings including a 50,000 square foot hotel with 200 rooms. Property sits on a 50 acre island .
Isolation: 10 miles from the coast of New Hampshire and cut off from the mainland by the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Native Americans warned the colonists to avoid the island, fearing it was home to an evil that was "not of this earth".
  • During the Revolution War, a family here lost their young boy when he slipped on the rocks and died. 
  • Visitors have heard singing in the island chapel and the echoes of a priest's angry sermon. 
  • Phantom light resembling a ship ablaze are often seen in the waters around Star Island.
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