StrandedHaunted - Or Not?

Haunted - Or Not?

"Seaview Terrace" Carey Mansion

Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Original Use: Private summer retreat, later a boarding school
Size: More than 50 rooms in a stone-clad 40,000 square foot gothic mansion. The estate sits on 20 acres of land and includes a chapel, large ballroom, theatre, art galleries, basements, and a massive pipe organ.
Isolation: Set back from the road in Newport, Rhode Island. The back of the mansion looks out over the Atlantic Ocean.


  • A nun hanged herself in the chapel and several girls reportedly went missing.
  • It's believed that the former owner, the late Mrs. Bradley, continues to live here-- even after death.
  • Mrs. Bradley's potent female spirit makes her presence known to anyone who dares to spend the night.
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