StrandedHaunted - Or Not?

Haunted - Or Not?

Burn Brae Manor

Location: Glen Spey, New York   
Original Use: Private home, later a bed and breakfast
Size: A 27 room manor with 6 bedrooms, reading rooms, large dining room, attic, basement and an industrial kitchen. A family graveyard is hidden in the woods behind the property.
Isolation: Set back from the road in a wooded area near the Delaware River.


  • After moving in, Margaret MacKenzie, the daughter of the original owner, lost her baby during childbirth. Wracked with grief she hanged herself from a tree outside the building.
  • Following renovations, her room was named "The MacKenzie Suite" and guests frequently report strange and terrifying occurrences. 
  • The room is known to have extreme temperature changes, dropping several degrees in a matter of seconds with no apparent explanation. 
  • It has been reported that the ghost of Margaret MacKenzie stares in through the windows and that her body can be seen hanging from the tree outside. 
  • At night, guests report mysterious activity throughout the mansion.
  • Phantom piano music is reported in the ballroom, voices drift down the stairs and the sounds of footsteps seems to emanate from just around every corner. 
  • A collection of dolls is rumored to have a life of its own after several terrified residents claimed to have seen their eyes and heads move on their own. 
  • The attic was once a play area for children and today is the source of much of the mansion's intense paranormal energy.
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