StrandedHaunted - Or Not?

Haunted - Or Not?

Yorktown Memorial Hospital

Location: Yorktown, Texas
Original Use: Catholic Rehabilitation Hospital
Size: 30,000 square feet. Includes a sprawling two-floor hospital, basement, chapel, administration ward, and living quarters. 
Isolation: Five miles south of San Antonio, and located on private grounds.

Reports -

  • Built in 1950, the hospitals' motto was "So that more may live longer," though the facility saw more lives lost than saved.
  • Over its forty years of operation more than 2,000 people died within the walls of Yorktown, which finally locked its doors in 1998. 
  • Among the many tragedies here was the discovery of a body on the front doorstep. 
  • The ghost of the expired addict, now only as "T.J." is said to rap the glass and ring the entry bell outside. 
  • In addition, a double homicide occurred in the basement when a female counselor and patient were bludgeoned by another man who spattered their blood on the walls. 
  • The sound of the attack can still be heard drifting up from the lower levels.  
  • The lone caretaker has seen shadowy figures moving through the ward and glowing red eyes glaring out from the darkness. 
  • Many visitors have reported being punched, kicked, and slapped by unseen forces inside the building. 
  • In the chapel, the malevolent spirit of a nun is even said to choke intruders, especially men.
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