Star Island
Season 1 - Episode 1
Star Island
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From the producer of Paranormal Activity comes a terrifying paranormal experiment, where, each episode, a family or group of friends moves into a haunted location for several nights, self-documenting their experience in total isolation.

In the Stranded series premiere, Philadelphia natives Sara, her ex-boyfriend Sean, and their friend Xand catch a boat to the historic Oceanic Hotel on the remote and fog-shrouded Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire. Sara is the group's paranormal enthusiast, while Sean is yet to be convinced, and Xand is a cynic who's looking for adventure. The group steps onto the island and quickly discover reports of disembodied voices, faces peeking in windows, and of furniture that seems to have a life of its own.

Their first dinner in the hotel is disturbed by a slamming noise that may or may not have been a coincidence and the girls share a bedroom since Sara's strong beliefs scare her out of sleeping alone. A window that seems to shut itself leads the group to the fourth floor where they suspect ghosts from long-dead hotel staff may be residing. Rumors of a child spirit keep the team on their toes while they explore the nursery and record a hair raising EVP. During their stay, the team explores the farthest corner of the island and discovers a graveyard that could hold clues to the mysterious spirit's identity. With a new lead, they hatch a plan and spring a trap to catch the spirit in action - they tie a number of dolls to the doors in a hallway, hoping to confirm a spirit's presence if any of the doors have opened (and thus the dolls move). No action occurs, but the gang is still spooked.

On their last night in the hotel, they decide they should split up for one last investigation. Alone and scared, Xand begs her friends to reunite and they take on the fourth floor together. Here, at the epicenter of the paranormal activity, the team demands the spirit show themselves. One really large, scary crash later, and Sean is determined to face any forces at the hotel, but Xand and Sara convince him to back off. The three leave the island, with skeptics Xand and Sean certainly more convinced than when he arrived about the validity of paranormal forces. 


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