West Virginia State Penitentiary
Season 1 - Episode 3
West Virginia State Penitentiary

Tyler, a former police officer, his sister Amber, and her husband Chris, drive from Southern Ohio to Moundsville, WV, where they lock themselves up in the notorious West Virginia State Penitentiary. In its heyday, the now-closed prison was the scene of incalculable abuse, violence, and murders. Today, it is in a state of advanced decay and is allegedly haunted by the tortured and vengeful spirits of former prisoners. Chris is a true believer who wants to prove to his skeptical brother-in-law and questioning wife that the paranormal does exist.

The group enters the compound through a revolving iron gate once used to hold back prisoners. They set up for a five-day sentence in the only cell big enough for three people to sleep in, making do with hard beds and prison sheets. The next morning, Tyler notices that the revolving gate has seemingly moved on its own and motivates the group to find the controls in the basement below. While exploring the bottom floor, a painful kick in Tyler’s foot and a whisper in Amber’s ear is enough to make the team flee. When reviewing an EVP recording of the whisper, the team is disturbed to hear what sounds like a voice saying, “Behind you.” Tyler spots a rapidly vanishing figure with the FLIR thermal imager and gives chase to the psych ward where an experience in the isolation cells makes him lose his composure. The next day, he is stunned again when he asks any spirits to turn on a light in the room if they are present - and they do!

Next, they head to the prison’s infamous subterranean rec room where Amber discovers the physical power of the paranormal as ghostly fingers seem to grab her throat. Meanwhile, Tyler and Chris are so affected by the negative energy they seem to take on the roles of feuding inmates and nearly come to blows. The group saves the infamous North Hall, home to only the worst prisoners, for their final investigation but quickly evacuate when they hear a massive, unexplainable sound.

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