Three Valley Chateau
Season 1 - Episode 5
Three Valley Chateau
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Yarc, his girlfriend Princess, and their friend Stephen leave the comforts of Brooklyn NY to check into the sprawling Three Valley Chateau in the snowy mountains of British Columbia. Yarc is a devout believer in the paranormal, Princess is an adamant skeptic, and Stephen thinks there's "something" to be discovered, but doesn't have proof. All three are in for an adventure as the sprawling 200-room chateau is allegedly rife with paranormal activity. A creature that crawls along the bottom of the pool, and a shrieking woman that hovers over beds are just two of the ghosts allegedly in residence.

Upon entry, they're immediately scared by an unsuspecting critter squatting in the hotel. For the sake of a good first night's sleep, they try to ignore sounds coming from the floor above but make sure to investigate the next night. Their search seems to point to Room 328, a dreaded guest room where the shrieking woman lurks. They're alarmed to find the room is in shambles but are even more terrified when Stephen's attempt to channel the woman garners a loud, unexplainable noise.

Next, the trio explores the indoor swimming pool where everyone senses something in the pool with them (Princess feels something brush against her leg). When a fan turns on by itself, the group freaks. Just when Stephen and Yarc think they've finally made a believer of Princess, she debunks some potential evidence (she believes the fan is on a timer) and prides herself in outsmarting their superstition. Finally, on the last night, the group returns to Room 328. They plea for a sign from the spirits and get their wish in the form of the elevator carriage arriving on its own with an unseen rider. When they finally get back to the ground floor, they race to their bedroom and wait for morning to check out once and for all.

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