Yorktown Memorial Hospital
Season 1 - Episode 6
Yorktown Memorial Hospital
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Katye, her aunt Heather, and her late sister's boyfriend Dillon leave Ft. Worth to be admitted to the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Southern Texas. The hospital is reportedly said to house a nun that haunts the chapel, apparitions that touch intruders, and a demon-like entity lurking in the basement. Katye and Heather believe they will encounter the paranormal, while Dillon is skeptical.

The team settles into the grimy hospital and pulls three rusty wire cots together to sleep on. Untraceable sounds come from every direction and lead the team out of the chapel to a hallway where Katye feels her camera being violently grabbed out of her hands. Hoping the basement holds answers, they plunge into the hospital's underbelly and make disturbing discoveries. The team finds a former caretaker's apartment and tackles her unfinished tasks to bring peace to restless spirits. Heather suspects one such spirit might reveal himself in photographs, and is stunned to find several pictures that may be from the other side.

After the hospital floods in a terrible rainstorm, their final investigation leads them to the basement to face off with the building's most potent spirit. Booming noises from nowhere splinter the group and send them scrambling for the yard. Katye, Dillon and Heather discharge themselves the next morning with compelling evidence and a new respect for the paranormal.

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