12 great moments from Brian K. Vaughan's super-rare Twitter Q&A

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Mar 26, 2015

Brian K. Vaughan is one of the most beloved and acclaimed comic-book scribes working today, with titles like SagaY: The Last Man and Runaways to his name. He's also one of the more private creators out there, preferring to work rather than get lost in the maelstrom of things like Twitter. Yesterday, though, Vaughan made an exception. To celebrate the completion of The Private Eye -- a 10-issue, digital-only futuristic mystery story he collaborated on with artists Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente -- Vaughan took over the Twitter account of Panel Syndicate, the online platform through which he and Martin distributed The Private Eye, to answer fan questions for 12 hours (with meal breaks, of course). 

As with most of Vaughan's (sometimes rare) interviews, the session was a combination of jokes, wisdom, writing advice and trivia, and the whole feed is well worth reading if you're a fan of his work. If you just want some highlights, though, we've gathered some of the best bits below.

On productive writing:

Don’t write on a machine that can also take you to the internet. @dontestmewong What's your #1 tip for sitting down and writing something?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On what legendary artist he'd like to collaborate with:

Frank Quitely, like every living writer. RT @JoshuaPaulHertz What artist would you love to work with that you haven't worked with yet?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On whether he'd ever return to do work-for-hire comics at a company like Marvel and DC in the midst of his many creator-owned projects:

Well, never say never… but no, never. RT @rrob_IV any plans in the future to return to work for hire?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On whether there's been any progress on Y: The Last Man finally making it to the screen in some form:

Y for yes. RT @meet_TheDecline any movement on a Y The Last Man television or movie adaptation? probably my favorite story ever told

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On when we can expect his future Image Comics projects:

Hey, Dave! WE STAND ON GUARD 1 in July, PAPER GIRLS ongoing in the Fall. RT @davepress Do you have release dates for your new Image books?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On how he feels about Runaways returning at Marvel without him:

Extremely! New creative teams looks GREAT. RT @TheIronistIX are you happy to see your Runaways continue on without you?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On inspiration:

There are no muses, just long hours at keyboard. @sluisga Where do you go for inspiration + how do you learn to write something worthwhile?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On changes to Lost season six:

Whatever Damon & Carlton wanted. Show was always theirs, I was just honored to help @raganewing What would you have done with LOST Season 6?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On when Saga will end:

As ever, one issue longer than Walking Dead. @tripleneck Do you have a ballpark guesstimate of how many issues Saga might run?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On collecting comics:

Everything Alan Moore ever wrote. Miracleman 15 took a lifetime (pre-internet) @DrMonkeybot Are there any runs of back issues you collect?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 25, 2015

On working with editors:

I haven’t worked with an editor in over 5 years. @Sakei99 If it's just you and Marcos on the book, then who's editing the darn thing?

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 26, 2015

On more digital-only work at Panel Syndicate:

Later in 2015: BKV, Marcos and Muntsa reunite at http://t.co/LEwX1ahR8k for… something very different.

— PanelSyndicate (@PanelSyndicate) March 26, 2015

All 10 issues of The Private Eye, most of which run longer than a standard print comics issue, are available at Panel Syndicate now on a pay-what-you-want system. 

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