4 Captain America clips give us action, drama and one awesome shield

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Dec 14, 2012

If you've seen the Spider-Man movies, you'd know the catch phrase "With great power comes great responsibility." Now that we've seen Steve Rogers catapulted from a 90-pound weakling to a shield-wielding superhero, we have new words to live by: Mental toughness is as important as physical toughness.

Also: Suck it, evolution. I'm so over you.

In the first clip, we see a scrawny Steve Rogers prove that he's willing to sacrifice himself for others. In the second, that mental toughness gets some play as Steve Rogers suffers the torments of accelerated bone and muscle growth.

The third clip shows us what happens when a person shoots an unproven shield. We had feared the bullets would ricochet, killing the members of Project Rebirth instantly. Now we see the bullets crumple and fall, which is a load off our geeky minds.

The fourth clip is Cap in action. And there's some seriously awesome action.

Check them out:

Via SuperHeroHype.