8 things we learned about Days of Future Past from Bryan Singer's Twitter Q&A

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Oct 28, 2013

Before we get the very first X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, we get a little quality social media time with director Bryan Singer.

The trailer for the much-anticipated new X-flick drops tomorrow, but ahead of that key piece of marketing the film's mastermind -- who brought the X-Men to the screen in the early days with 2000's X-Men and 2003's X2 -- took to Twitter to host a 30-minute question-and-answer session with fans. Not surprisingly, Singer wasn't dropping any spoilers about the film, but he did manage to reveal a few interesting tidbits that made the time spent very worthwhile. You can browse Singer's full session over on his Twitter page, but here are the items we found most amusing.

Describing the funniest moment on the set:

In between shooting a serious scene on Xavier's private jet, Michael, Nick, Hugh and James dancing to #BlurredLines #IHaveTheFootage

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

Describing how Mystique has evolved since X-Men: First Class

.@irturner She's a much more hardened kick-ass character than she was in #FirstClass.

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

Describing how the tone is different from other X-Films: 

Although there is a great deal of humor, the overall tone is a bit darker than previous films, particularly because of the stakes.

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

On which X-Men he'd still like to put in a movie he directs:

.@Bmike3030 Yeah, Gambit, Deadpool, and a few others I'd rather not mention.

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

Describing how the partially 1970s-set film relates to 1970s cinema:

.@TPF1138 Yes, in the colors, some of the style & music. I also used 16 & 8mm footage which I operated myself for some scenes which was fun.

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

On what to expect from the first trailer:

Tomorrow's trailer is primarily a character piece, as most of our VFX are not yet finished.

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

On which cast member is the biggest practical joker:

Yes. Two words. James. McAvoy. #IHaveTheFootageOnMyiPhone

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

On whether he's ever dared attempt Hugh Jackman's infamous Wolverine workout:

Someone tweeted that I was gaining weight, so I tried the workout... for a day.

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) October 28, 2013

For more X-Men awesomeness, stay tuned to Blastr tomorrow, because we'll definitely be talking about the Days of Future Past trailer debut.

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