Battlestar, Walking Dead, True Blood stars join forces for spoiler PSA

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Dec 17, 2012

Stars of the sci-fi and fantasy genres have joined forces for a good cause. They want you to stop ruining their shows. Well, not just their shows, but TV in general. Spoilers are running rampant, and they're making it hard to enjoy television. So these actors have come together to put an end to spoilers once and for all.

Over at College Humor, they've produced a special PSA to raise awareness about spoilers. They've gotten out of control, and we have to stop them. Watch as stars from True Blood, The Walking Dead, Heroes, Dexter, The Wire and Battlestar Galactica give tips on how to nip unwanted spoilers in the bud.

When visiting websites (like this one), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette, True Blood) says spoiler alerts are considerate but shouldn't be expected. So go online at your own risk. Also, if someone spoils a show for you, you can get revenge by ruining something for them. But only if it relates to TV. Don't get personal.

Has a TV series or season finale ever been ruined for you? Share your experience in the comments. But remember, keep your responses vague and spoiler-free. This should be a safe place.

(College Humor via EW)