Celebrate Labor Day with 20 sci-fi characters ... in labor

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Dec 15, 2012

We decided to celebrate Labor Day by spotlighting one of the toughest jobs on the planet: giving birth. Yeah, we know Labor Day refers to a different sort of labor ... but who's quibbling? So here are 20 sci-fi takes on bringing life into the world.

We've provided video when available, and images when not. Either way, have a great weekend!

V: The Final Battle

This was like George Lucas saying, "Wow, this film is really going nowhere. But remember Luke and Leia?"

A copy of Cylon number eight gives birth. That's the problem with Cylons reproducing: Eventually they get really awful names like "1,245,326."

Village of the Damned

A film entirely about pregnancy deserved a spectacular birth scene. Children of Men definitely delivered, presenting one of the most realistic continuous shots of all time. Clink on this link for a breakdown of how the shot was made.

Alien Nation

Scully finally delivers her and Mulder's anti-love child. After giving birth, the couple actually share one of their first romantic kisses, showing how literally backward their understanding of relationships is.


The birth of Spock is pretty cool. The awkward dialogue that follows in the deleted scene reminds us that this is an odd-numbered film.

Cordelia gives birth to a full-grown woman. Now both of them have a horrific memory they'll never forget.

Star Trek: TNG

Following in the Star Trek tradition of showing everybody getting born, James Tiberius Kirk is delivered in the beginning of this film. We follow Kirk as he ascends to the rank of captain, and gratefully end before he tries to star in ill-fated TV shows.


An alien knocks up a woman with a kiss, and she gives birth a few days later. Despite this incredible reproduction rate, his home population is, somehow, dwindling.

Men in Black

Will Smith delivers an alien Kraken, but not before its tentacles violently toss the agent around. Vagina dentata has nothing on this.


In this super-gross scene, a woman gives birth to a grown man-looking alien thing. A lot of B-movie effort is put into making this look believable, yet it plays out like a foam dinosaur growing out of one of those "just add water" capsules.