Chosen One of the Day: Whoever cast Penny and Garry Marshall as a married couple in Hocus Pocus

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Oct 24, 2017

As someone who was 8 when the film was released and, as such, its target market, I have a lifelong unyielding love of Hocus Pocus.

From that young age I was fully on board with the fiction on screen, my suspension of disbelief held in place like a spellbook made of human skin. Three witch sisters brought back from the grave? Yes. Great. Zombie Doug Jones spitting out flies? Sold. A children's movie essentially about child murder with weird pedophiliac overtones vis-à-vis Sarah Jessica Parker's character? You won't hear complaints from me, my friends. I mean, you might hear some now that I've noticed it, but that's not something I was really picking up on as a kid.

But one thing tore me out of the film like a page from a spellbook made of human skin (seriously, the book is made of skin and has a working eyeball, I love this movie so much) and that is the inclusion of Garry and Penny Marshall as a married couple.

The two played, respectively, a booze-soaked cigarettey "Medusa" and a pervy old dude. They were exemplary.

Garry and Penny Marshall were not, in fact, a married couple. They were brother and sister. As this was 1993, incest hadn't quite found its place as the in-vogue trend it is today in the Game of Thrones era. So siblings portraying married people, one calling the other "petunia face," should have been a bit of a thing.

This does not appear to be the case. People seemed to be fine with it. Times were simpler then, apparently, and Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley were still easily viewable on Nick at Nite. People's nostalgia brains prevented them from noticing the questionable casting choice. And honestly, we're pretty fine with it, too.