Clunky 1996 Space Jam site shows how far the Internet has come

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Scott Edelman
Dec 14, 2012

Is it really possible that the 1996 animated adventure Space Jam represented state-of-the-art filmmaking? And that we were wowed by the movie's now-primitive site?

We're not sure the answer to either of those questions was once "yes," but a look back at the Space Jam site, which has survived online in pristine condition, is a reminder of how things have changed.

An Internet archaeologist has uncovered the pristine Space Jam site, untouched since it was launched in 1996, still alive online. We've taken just a few screen grabs here, but why not time-travel back to the days before LOLcats and O RLY? and give its sweet nostaligia a look yourself.

And be very, very grateful for how far we've come.

(via Vulture)