Could Michelle Williams be Venom’s Ann Weying?

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Sep 27, 2017

It’s nowhere near official, but with Michelle Williams is reportedly in preliminary talks with director Ruben Fleischer to possibly join Tom Hardy’s fang-bearing, tongue-lashing, symbiote-bonded Spider-Man villain Eddie Brock in Venom, spawning suspicion that she’s being eyed for Ann Weying.

While it is possible that Wiliams is also being considered for Black Cat or Silver Sable, there have only been rumors about either of those two baring their claws in this movie. It could be an opportunity to set up their crossover universe film, Silver and Black, and give these supporting characters a slash of the spotlight next to big-name Venom.   

So far, only Hardy has been officially confirmed for the film's cast, and the jury's still out on who'll take on the role of Cletus Casady/Carnage, the darker version of Venom who is hell-bent on obliterating Eddie Brock so his symbiote can take over the bodies of other hosts. Then there's Ann Weying, Eddie Brock’s lawyer ex-wife aka She-Venom, whom fans have long speculated could appear in this movie — and who'd seem like a fit with Williams.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Riz Ahmed is also on the film's call sheet, and IMDB already has him on the cast list, although his role has yet to be disclosed.

Venom will strike on Oct. 5, 2018.