Cute-as-a-button would-be Companion builds herself a TARDIS

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Dec 16, 2012

My building-of-things skills peaked at model cars when I was 11 and have atrophied something fierce since. So to watch this delightful young woman take it upon herself to build a TARDIS from scratch is both mind-boggling and adorable as all get-out.

To be clear: It's not this German schoolteacher's do-it-yourself quest to build a dimension-hopping time machine that's adorable, it's the manner in which she does it. She recognizes her shortcomings as a craftsman, but doesn't care. She just boldly goes forth and builds herself a pretty smart-looking TARDIS.

It's a long stretch of a video, but totally worth it.

Geeky teachers, man. What can't they do?

(via Topless Robot)