Decoding Kylo's plans and Luke's fears in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

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Oct 9, 2017

Hoo boy, things do not look good for our heroes in the galaxy far, far away. The big trailer drop for Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally happened, and here's a first-look analysis of all of the Porgs, Gorilla Walkers, and general darkness that we glimpsed! 

Just breathe ... and let's make sense of all of that! 


We begin with a glimpse of Kylo Ren, and another voiceover from Supreme Leader Snoke. He talks about how he first met Kylo, and mentions that he saw "raw, untamed power." This is not the last time we'll be hearing about this concept. Various shots accompany Snoke's line, and almost all of them illustrate Kylo and the First Order. Most importantly, we get our first real look at the First Order's new gorilla-esque land tanks, the "AT-M6 Walkers." They're approaching the resistance base on the salty planet of Crait, and it looks like Kylo's signature shuttle is accompanying them. 


Just as Snoke's VO cuts off with the above line, we get our first shot of Rey. She's training on the Jedi Island of Ahch-To, which we saw in the previous trailer, and we get a few more fantastic lightsaber shots from her. The timing of her appearance with Snoke's line is troubling, however, as it links Rey and Kylo in a very unsettling way. 


We heard Luke's voice in the first trailer, but this is the first time we actually hear words come out of his actual mouth. How wonderful! Actually, it's nowhere close. Luke looks like he is starting to lose it, or has in fact already lost it. If Rey thought that she was going to meet the bright, shining Luke Skywalker that we all know and love, well, she's going to be disappointed. We get more footage of the destruction of Luke's former Jedi Academy (complete with artificial hand bursting out of the rubble), and Luke tells Rey that he has "seen this raw strength only once before. It didn't scare me enough then. It does now." I believe him; he looks terrified of Rey. It's another linkage between Rey and Kylo, and things are looking dark. 


The trailer is packed with incredible-looking space battles, and this time Kylo is getting in on the action. He's behind the stick in a fancy new TIE Interceptor, and he looks like he has the piloting skills of a Skywalker as well as a Solo. This is not good. He utters the above line, right before we see who he is targeting ...


Oh come ON, Ben Solo! He clearly took the wrong lesson from killing his father. We don't get a lot of Leia in this trailer, but it looks like she is sensing her son through the Force. Kylo looks pretty dubious about pulling the trigger, no matter what his cocksure voiceover says. Leia has shown that she has great sensitivity to the Force, and that would be a fantastic thing to see more of in this film. Here's hoping. 


It looks like the tension between Captain Phasma and the former FN-2187 will come to a head. Finn looks like he's wearing the officer disguise that he'll be using for infiltration at some point, and he also seems to have grabbed a stun baton from everyone's favorite screamer. Phasma is wielding her new spear, and it looks like she is looking for payback after being tossed in that compactor. 


Our very first look at Supreme Leader Snoke in the flesh. He's talking about destiny, and appears to be torturing Rey. Who is he? What is he? We still don't really know. All we know for sure is he wears a gold robe and likes voiceover. He doesn't seem like a great guy, to be honest. 


At the end, Rey is looking a bit lost. She has probably been let down by Luke, and she says that she "needs someone to show me my place in all of this." It's a good sentiment, until we see who she is talking to. It's Kylo, and we end with a shot of his hand outstretched. I do not like the possibility of these two joining forces--perhaps Luke was right to be so afraid of her. Raw power in the Star Wars world is never a good thing. Are they connected in some other way? The trailer seems to indicate it. We'll have to see. 


An ice wolf! It looks like it's on Crait, so is it a salt wolf? It's cool, so who cares. 

PORG TIME! Seems like one Porg from Ahch-To will stay aboard the Falcon. Thank goodness, because we're gonna need some laughs. 

Luke's line of "This is not going to go the way you think ..." might almost be going to the audience. Think you have everything figured out? You ain't seen nothing yet. Director Rian Johnson mostly likely has many tricks up his sleeve.