Felicia Day and her Guild crew deliver another rockin' geek anthem

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

To celebrate the launch of her Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel, Felicia Day has reunited the gang that gave us "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" for "I'm the One That's Cool," the sort of rock-revenge, fist-pump anthem makes you want to turn it up with your Prius' windows down.

With music by Dr. Horrible's Jed Whedon, Day weaves a tale of a disparate band of high school students, picked on mercilessly by the Cool Kidz, who have grown into a world that's ready to champion them in a way it never was before. Also, there's a lot of guitar, which makes everything 20 percent better.

Geek & Sundry, in case you're not aware, is Day's new nerd hub on YouTube, which features an episode of The Guild, a gaming series with Wil Wheaton called Tabletop, webcomics from Dark Horse Comics and other assorted awesomeness.

And we all like awesomeness, don't we? Yes, we do.

(Via Twitter)