Finally—some new casting news on that long-delayed Mad Max 4!

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Dec 17, 2012

It's been quite a while since any real news broke regarding of the long-delayed Mad Max: Fury Road, since Mel Gibson denied those cameo rumors, but the casting of a new character leads us to believe that Mad Max 4 is back on track.

Joining Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron for George Miller's sequel is Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw—who is, according to Sydney Confidential, the world's fifth most in-demand model. She'll make her screen debut in Fury Road, which is set to start filming in Africa this month.

According to one of those well-placed sources, she'll be playing a rare commodity in the barren future:

"Obviously it's set in a post-apocalyptic world, and women, especially beautiful women, are scarce, so men have been locking them up in cages. Abbey is one of them. She's perfect."

One would have to imagine that someone in this post-apocalyptic world will have seen some pretty horrible things. Things that will have scarred her, left her hollow inside, with a sullen blankness in her eyes.

Hollow, sullen and blank, eh? Perfect.

(via The Daily Telegraph)