First reactions are in for 'bats***t crazy' Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Nov 14, 2014

Kingsman: The Secret Service had a special screening for fans and critics in the U.K, and the initial reactions are encouraging.

Matthew Vaughn's spy thriller, based on the comic-book series written by Mark Millar, stars Colin Firth as a secret agent who recruits the wayward son of an old friend into the world of espionage. A trailer that debuted in September promised a wild, hyper-violent, over-the-top action/adventure romp, and apparently that's exactly what Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass) has delivered. Here are some reactions from Twitter (via Slashfilm):

So much verve & invention in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Like Bond's mischievous, foul-mouthed, psychotic cousin

— Jamie Graham (@jamie_graham9) November 13, 2014

One scene in Kingsman: The Secret Service is so energised, violent & batshit crazy, I didn't know whether to cower or leap up & cheer

— Jamie Graham (@jamie_graham9) November 13, 2014

If you enjoyed Kick Ass, you'll love Kingsman: Secret Service. An exhilarating, funny film with a distinctly British heart. @digitalspyfilm

— Ben Rawson-Jones (@rawsonjones) November 13, 2014

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a blast. Audacious, hyper-violent, stylish, funny and the work of an utter madman. In the best possible way.

— Chris Hewitt (@ChrisHewitt) November 13, 2014

#Kingsman: by no means perfect, but the last third is just ridiculously entertaining. One scene is ridiculously, jaw-droppingly violent.

— Ben Travis (@BenSTravis) November 13, 2014

If you've ever wanted to see Colin Firth go Raid-style loco on a room full of people, scored to Freebird, this is the movie for you.

— Nick de Semlyen (@NickdeSemlyen) November 13, 2014

Kingsman is one of those movies that has had its U.S. release date bounced around several times before finally settling on Feb. 13, 2015, which usually indicates that the studio (in this case 20th Century Fox) is not confident in its prospects. But it looks like they've changed their minds on that, because Mark Millar has announced a New York screening as well:

Want to see our Kingsman: Secret Service Movie in Times Square next Tues? Email Fox TONIGHT for a free ticket:

— Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) November 14, 2014

If you're in the New York area, here's your chance to see Kingsman, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson as the villain, Michael Caine, Mark Strong and, in a brief but memorable role, Mark Hamill. And if you're not in NYC, are you looking forward to seeing this in February?