Here's what Carrie Fisher did on May 4th -- get into a fight with William Shatner

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May 5, 2014

The saga (of William Shatner and Carrie Fisher trading barbs) continues ... 

Almost three years ago, William Shatner released a video on his YouTube channel where he dared to say, on record, that Star Trek is better than Star Wars. The fan rage we expected, but who could have guessed that Carrie Fisher would get involved? Not only did she get involved, but she began an online feud that continues to this day. Carrie called Bill fat, Bill made fun of Carrie's sagging ... *ahem* career. And then, finally, at the beginning of 2014, this happened:

We thought at the time that perhaps this was the end of the very long, very weird, is-it-real-or-not feud between Princess Leia and Captain Kirk.

But then May the 4th came, and, in the mortal words of a dying James T. Kirk, oh my ...

First, the opening salvo:

With hours left of the day, let's face it- your Princess has forgotten you!

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) May 5, 2014

And then, oh dear ...

@WilliamShatner You're so BITTER, Billy Shatnoid. Bitter & old as dirt. I'm touched you even noticed I had decamped----however briefly.

— Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) May 5, 2014

And it didn't stop there:

@WilliamShatner I've forgotten nothing--Xcept you.Tragically your online persona follows me like a starving dog. Gary sends his love.I don't

— Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) May 5, 2014

Will Shatner be the bigger (heh) man? NOPE!

@carrieffisher You only know how old I am because you were there when dirt was created. And decamping is what you call it? OK, if you say so

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) May 5, 2014

@carrieffisher I accept Gary's love unequivocally and you; if you don't love me then stop calling me and leaving those heavy breathing VMs

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) May 5, 2014

And, naturally, Carrie made sure to retweet this image:

@carrieffisher @WilliamShatner ;)

— Brandt Kofton (@Brandtkofton) May 5, 2014

But if you're worried that Carrie and Bill actually hate each other, don't be. At least, we don't think you should be worried. These two are so weird.

@StarWarsFeels @WilliamShatner Is it real? Anyway real is WAY over rated. A fad. I don't hate The Billster, I pity him. Keep it simple, MrB

— Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) May 5, 2014

Oh, just put on each other's costumes and make out, you two!