Hilary Duff may play Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Man movie (?!)

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Dec 14, 2012

Hilary Duff is allegedly in the running to play Gwen Stacy in Sony's as-yet-untitled Spider-Man reboot. MovieWeb reports that during an interview with Duff's husband, NHL hockey player Mike Comrie, a reporter from the Globe and Mail saw a script marked Spider-Man lying on a coffee table in their home.

Here is the revealing excerpt:

''The kitchen contains evidence of their professional lives - his daily diet is posted on the fridge (from a bacon cheddar burrito for breakfast to five pigs-in-a-blanket as a nighttime snack) and a script marked "Spiderman" sits on the table, with lines for a character simply called "girl" highlighted in yellow (rumours swirl about who Spidey's love interest will be in the series' next instalment.)''

Not long ago we told you about six actresses who were in the running to play an unknown female character who we believe will turn out to be Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love. They included Emma Roberts, Imogen Poots and Teresa Palmer.

So now it could be Duff, we guess. And we're not sure how we feel about that. She definitely has the "Gwen Stacy look," and she's an okay actress when she wants to be. And at 23 she can still play the teenage girlfriend to Andrew Garfield's 27-year-old Spider-Man -- so to speak.