Horror Movies

As you’ve no doubt heard by now Horror Movies are our thing here at SYFY!

The Last Jedi is a singularly unexpected installment in the Star Wars franchise. It zigs when you expect it to zag. It takes a hard left when you thought the road was headed right. It keeps you guessing right to the very end, and it makes you rethink everything you thought you knew about Star Wars.


Top Horror Movies of 2017

Get Out

The most horrifying thing about Get Out is how relevant it is.


A Stephen King adaptation done right.

alien covenant

Alien: Covenant

The best Alien movie since Aliens.

Happy Death Day

Groundhog Day if every day ended with Bill Murray being brutally murdered.


Come for James McAvoy's multiple personalities, stay for the crazy Shyamalan twist ending!

Annabelle: Creation

A fitting entry into The Conjuring universe of domestic horror.