Hot & Best: New Watchmen, XXX Avengers, Trek's Spock & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's edition Hottest Stories and Best Comments features great pictures, including the new Watchmen comic, an alternate Emperor, the ladies of Worlds' Finest, Spock in a disco-ball suit, the Doctor visiting the Beatles, a kitty-cat condo and ... the XXX version of The Avengers. Click through now!

Our story: 19 awesome new images from DC's controversial Watchmen prequels

Your best comment: I heard that Harlon Ellison is going to sue, as he claims that this was originally his idea. — Azathoth

Our story: 10 hilarious infographics make fun of the Star Wars universe

Your best comment: These are not the pants you are looking for... — KC

Our story: Original Star Wars storyboards show a much creepier Emperor

Your best comment: Is the Emperor really creepier in the drawing? Look at Luke? He looks pretty disturbing too. I think it's just the way the guy draws.

I was always disappointed in the ending of Jedi (and the rest of the movie). Luke just gives up and Vader has to save him. All that build-up for Luke to just toss away his weapon and say, "Meh, kill me." At least he could have tried to go down fighting. — RG

Our story: Exclusive preview: 1st look at DC Comics' Worlds' Finest #1

Your best comment: ugh.... Please leave in the cleavage circle for Powergirl Please! ... yes its that important to me!! — bolt

Our story: 1st peek at River Song's season 7 return in new Doctor Who set pics

Your best comment: Funny these scenes are set in the 1930s as she is also on BBCs current UPStairs Downstairs series which is also set in the thirties. BBC can save on period costumes. Love her. When is there going to be a spin off for River? — redalertNY

Our story: See 5 new pictures of Spock from the next Trek film

Your best comment: Is that a positronic brain I see on the guy next to Spock 2.0?

I dig the new take on the spacesuits. Still has the same overall design and look of say STTMP but a cool copper color this time around. — ChaosTheory

Our story: Get ready to ridicule lusty new Avengers XXX box art

Your best comment: "I'll thex you tho hard I'll make you Thor." — Raw1980

Our story: How to build your kitty a purr-fectly adorable Star Wars CAT-AT condo

Your best comment: judging from my cats I'm pretty sure cats don't "join" the dark side, they're born into it — john

Our story: Little known sci-fi fact: The accident that gave us the lightsaber

Your best comment: It is always col to see where accidents lead people. Movies seem to have very weird and cool examples. The T rex in Jurassic park is primarily an elephant call with some others added in. because when you think of a huge predator, you of course think of the largest herbivore to make the sound. — Nels

Our story: Seems Whedon snuck a Buffy cameo into The Avengers after all...

Your best comment: Eh they totally forgot to mention that Amy Acker aka Fred from Angel was also in Cabin in the Woods! so for those keeping count, that would be the fourth cameo (well it wasn't a cameo as such). — Alan

Our story: POLL: Which summer movie are you looking forward to the most?

Your best comment: I just want to see that new Snow White b/c my gurl Kristine Stewart is in it!!!!!! OMG! She deserved a Grammy for the Twilight movies and was robbed. She better get it for this and that Thor guy is in it too! He is hot!!!! — hockeyfan

Our story: Startling Beatles pic 'proves' Doctor Who star's a time traveler for real

Your best comment: I was just going to post that it was the Beatles road manager, but I couldn't remember his name. There are many pictures of him with the band from back then and from the front, he looks nothing like Matt Smith. — Matt