Science facts don't belong in science fiction!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

What's the secret recipe for this week's hottest stories and best comments? Add a little bit of science fact to your science fiction, dip Rose McGowan in some Red Sonja, season with a couple of NSFW Conan and Star Trek pics, and top it off with a mega-preview of this fall's biggest movies. Bon appetit!

Our story: 5 big-budget sci-fi films that actually got their science right

Your best comment: Anytime I read an article like this, it makes me want to hunt the author down and punch them square in the nose! Science fiction is science FICTION! I do really enjoy learning real scientific facts, but NOT when I go to see a fictional movie for the purpose of entertainment! If someone wants to make a science fact movie, fine. Just leave the fictional movies alone when you do. — Ethan

Our story: 19 upcoming superhero movies you need to know about

Your best comment: Rose McGowan as Red Sonja, your kidding right. She's a good actress but why is a seven stone weakling playing this part. Surely there must be someone better than her. Time to get Lucy Lawless out of retirement. — KirksHairPiece

Our story: New (R-rated, NSFW!) Conan pictures surface

Your best comment: I suspect that they couldn't have done a PG-13 version if they tried -- a substantial portion of the female population probably begins disrobing within a 10-foot radius of Jason Momoa whether they like it or not... ;-) — Cheryl

Our story: Here's our MEGA movie preview of fall's 25 hottest sci-fi trailers

Your best comment: Most of these, I really have no interest in seeing... BUT, Skyline is a pleasant surprise. I actually want to see the story behind it. I get the feeling it's one of those bad guys are really the good guys coming to save the world from the real bad guys... now THAT would be cool.

And, of COURSE, Tron Legacy... Been waiting nearly 30 years for that one.— Steveon

Our story: Image of the Day: A young Ian McKellen looking impossibly cool

Your best comment: Actor's like him don't just appear out of nowhere, He's been doing great work somewhere we Americans didn't see him, probably onstage, probably doing a lot of Shakespeare. Give me more of those old Shakespearians, like Patrick Stewart, McKellen and Bill Nighy. They can scare the cr_p out of you with a word and a raised eyebrow, or just with the eyebrow.
The producers of Xmen probably used an old picture to guide them in casting a young Magneto
— Andrew VH

Our story: Image of the Day: Star-Trek-inspired corset (mildly NSFW)

Your best comment: The red is perfect for the first contact girl you know you'll never see again, right? What's not to love? — Daniel

Our story: Director reveals the REAL reason there was never a Flash Gordon 2

Your best comment: Honestly, the only good part of this movie was the soundtrack by Queen which was campy enough on its own. The fact that the rest of the movie was even campier by comparison (and not intentionally campy, by all appearances) just made it a bad film. Having said that, I already own this on both video tape and DVD and still watch it occasionally. Its one of the only ways I can get alone time in my house since the movie is so bad it drives the wife and kid out of the room every time I turn it on. — Matt

Our story: Infographic: The tortured 73-year history of The Hobbit film

Your best comment: I'm hoping for Leonard Nimoy does a re-recording of his Bilbo Baggins song from the 60s......

In all seriousness...I am actually (and have been for nearly 30 years now) The Hobbit coming to the silver screen...I saw The Hobbit on tv back in the early 80s and I fell in love with the I read the books......and loved the story even more. Hopefully if the Hobbit ever comes to be, and we all survive the "Mayan Apolypse" childhood dream will come true. — Sural Argonus

Our story: Image of the Day: The worst Wolverine toy ever

Your best comment: I keep thinking of the movie 'Airplane'....

Automatic Pilot Emergency Inflation Instructions: "Find the emergency inflation valve on the beltline of the automatic pilot; pull it out, and blow on it"

This toy however, is enough to put a child into Therapy later on in life. — PALADIN

Our story: The entertainingly bad reviews for BBC's new sci-fi miniseries

Your best comment: Bad reviews are easier to right, and more entertaining to read. I am thinking that a US studio should remake it. We have a great history of taking good BBC shows (Doctor Who, Men Behaving Badly, Coupling) and making them awful, that maybe we can take an awful show and make it good. (yes, I do know about "The Office".) — Larry

Our story: Your 4 min tour of weird, sexy and weirdly sexy Otakon costumes

Your best comment: The guy in the striped bikini (starting at 1:42), the three guys in their tighty-whities (starting at 2:49), and especially the guy pulling up his skirt (starting at 2:45) are just wrong. — Carpe

Our story: Matt Smith on Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who script: 'Oh, lord!'

Your best comment: I'm thinking that if you can get Neil Gaiman to write a script for your show and it's a bit too long, you don't ask him to cut it so that it fits in a single episode; you ask him to write more so it can fit into two. Ot better yet, just ask him to write the whole season. You could do much worse. — fernando poo