Is DC Comics finally getting to work on that Watchmen sequel?

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Dec 15, 2012

A few years ago, the comic industry was set ablaze by rumors that DC was considering a Watchmen sequel. While Alan Moore was approached (and promised the ownership rights to his own property back) intense negativity toward the project seemed to kill it—until now.

Rumors resurfaced during New York Comic Con that not only is DC back on track to make the sequel happen, but they already have a dream team in mind. Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier, the Parker series) is apparently at the top of DC's list, but J. Michael Straczynski, J.G. Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzerello's names have all also been brought up.

Those are all great names, and it's easy to see how they could each take Watchmen and do something interesting with its universe. The question remains, though—should they? Considering that Alan Moore has always been completely against the idea of a sequel, it's hard to justify any continuation. Still, the movie happened against his will and saw considerable success.

We've heard that there's a secret meeting taking place this week and that the project is going under the secret title "Panic Room."

What do you think? Is a sequel something you would consider, and, if so, who would you want to write/draw it?

(via Bleeding Cool)