Is Ra's Al Ghul in TDKR? Liam Neeson doesn't have a @#!$-ing clue

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Dec 15, 2012

Trying to get solid intel on the villains in the new Dark Knight Rises film is a slippery superhero slope. And it doesn't help much that Liam Neeson is playing comatose amnesiac patient when asked about whether Ra's is dead or alive.

Rumors of Neeson reprising his role as Batman's sinister nemesis in Christopher Nolan's third outing have been drifting around since the project was announced. When asked by IGN back in February about the immortal crimelord's resurrection in the next movie, Neeson admitted he "definitely" wouldn't be in the next film and hadn't even been approached, but that he'd maybe kick around the idea of returning as Ra's down the line sometime.

Hmm ... those League of Shadows dudes practice a mean poker face.

In a recent video interview with MTV, Neeson appears to suffer a temporary memory lapse when it comes to his heroic adventures with the Bat. See for yourselves.

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What do you think? The sly Irishman seems to be playing us like a Gotham Gibson. The speculation and debate will most likely continue until the first reel rolls next summer. The Dark Knight Rises flaps into cinemas on July 20, 2012.

(via MTV)