It's a new day... for Chandrayaan-1

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Nov 5, 2008
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The Indian Space Research Organization reports that their Chandrayaan-1 Moon probe has entered what's called a Lunar Transfer Orbit (or LTO), a path that will take it to the Moon.

Chandrayaan-1 LTO

It has been orbiting the Earth since its launch on October 22. Technically, it still is orbiting the Earth, but this new LTO is a highly elliptical path that takes the probe very close to the Moon. On November 8, Chardrayaan-1 will fire its thrusters again, and that will slow it enough to achieve lunar orbit. From there, it will settle down into a much lower, more circular orbit, and then the fun begins as it maps our nearest neighbor in space. I'm really looking forward to the images and science it will return!