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Nov 24, 2008
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My congrats go to the fabulous Gia, who apparently is married to one of the sexiest men in the world: People Magazine rated Brian Cox thusly in their annual "Sexiest Men Alive" issue. Twitterer LALisa got a snap of the magazine picture of Brian:

Brian Cox in People Magazine

Judge for yourself. I've hung out with him, and yeah, it's true. But then, science is sexy.

Speaking of magazines, I was delighted to see that Skeptical Inquirer had a one-pager in their news section about the asteroids named after Rebecca Watson, Mike Stackpole, PZ Myers, and moi. The article has, sadly, a mistake: it says PZ is the author of "the most popular science blog in the world". While that's technically true, of course "popular" != "good". I mean, this is science, so we need to be technically accurate, right?

And of course, this isn't just jealousy because PZ"s rock is bigger than mine. Of course.