Marvel exec confirms: That Doctor Strange movie will be happening

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Dec 15, 2012

Marvel's movie team spent most of their time this past weekend pushing The Avengers at New York Comic Con, but even with Earth's Mightiest Heroes on the scene, a little good news on that still very hazy Doctor Strange flick slipped through. According to Marvel movie exec Kevin Feige, we'll probably see it "sooner rather than later."

In a brief video interview on Marvel's movie lineup, Feige said he can "finally" begin to say the flick is coming soon in announcements, but remained vague on just how soon he means. It sounds like even he isn't sure exactly how fast a Doctor Strange movie could be made, but he did note that he "would love to see him be part of phase two," meaning the pack of films that includes Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in a lead-up to a possible Avengers sequel.

But those two films are already in production for 2013 releases, and Doctor Strange—as far as anyone can tell—is not anywhere near that point yet.

Does this mean the Strange flick is finally picking up steam more than a year after screenwriters were hired? Does "sooner rather than later" mean 2013, or 2014? It's not clear, but at least this time the vague but encouraging news is coming from Marvel's movie guru.

(IGN via Geek Tyrant)