@Midnight celebrates Sharknado 2 by launching a LOLstorm with #NewSyfyOriginals

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Jul 31, 2014

Last night, like a chainsaw slicing through a flying shark, Chris Hardwick cut to the core of the high art form known as the Syfy Original Movie.

OK, so it wasn’t quite so dramatic, but on the same night Sharknado 2 premiered, the head Nerdist and uber-host dedicated the Hashtag Wars segment on his Comedy Central show @Midnight to #NewSyfyOriginals.

The concept is entirely self-explanatory, and I won’t take time to explain how this works. Instead, let’s jump to the results. Right off the bat, the @Midnight comedian contestants started out strong. Matt Braunger offered “Cobra-Boner vs. Mongoose Boobs,” followed by Hasan Minhaj’s “Battlestar Galactose Intolerant” and Emily Heller’s “Squirrelicane.” Personally, I like Minhaj’s the most for showing off some nerd cred and expert wordplay. Though who could really dismiss something as terrifying-sounding as a Cobra-Boner? Imagine that thing being rendered in bad CGI (shudder).

But how did the tweeting audience do? Beautifully, and as the momentum was building, things went from punny ... :

The Twilight Friend Zone #NewSyfyOriginals @midnight

— FreddosauruxRex (@FreddosaurusREX) July 31, 2014

#NewSyFyOriginals Speed 3: Terry Crews Control

— M4GNI2DE // Steve (@M4GNITUDE) July 31, 2014

#The Great Narwhal of China @midnight #NewSyFyOriginals

— Gregory Pappas (@gregoryjpappas) July 31, 2014

Then they became a little more thoughtful and damn near sublime:

Shaft, The Bad Mothra (Shut your mouth) #NewSyFyOriginals

— Crutnacker (@Crutnacker) July 31, 2014

RoombaShark Vs The Durable 8lb Oreck XL @midnight #NewSyFyOriginals

— Matt Zunich (@Matt_Zunich) July 31, 2014

It Came From Craig's List #NewSyFyOriginals @midnight

— Chris Jacobs (@stevefrigley) July 31, 2014

Graphics were created:

SharkNATO #NewSyFyOriginals @midnight pic.twitter.com/mJochAwbFa

— Austin Madison (@munchanka) July 31, 2014

Shih Tzunami! pic.twitter.com/DJlhjJej28 @midnight #NewSyFyOriginals

— Vince LiFonti (@ChicagoVince) July 31, 2014

"BeaNado 2" @midnight @nerdist #BeaADay #NewSyFyOriginals pic.twitter.com/6fQ3xw7T4H

— Mike Denison (@mikd33) July 31, 2014

@midnight #NewSyFyOriginals Film @ 9pm. A futuristic battle against corruption in the cities, tune in for HoboCop pic.twitter.com/ie2iJDk0KE

— Chris Buckley (@boocles42) July 31, 2014

Comedians and actors weighed in:

Big Fat Person Lots of Rain #NewSyFyOriginals

— billy eichner (@billyeichner) July 31, 2014

Octosquatch #NewSyFyOriginals @midnight

— Derek Mears (@DerekMears) July 31, 2014

Type 2 Gorillabetes #NewSyFyOriginals @midnight

— Dave Holmes (@DaveHolmes) July 31, 2014

Even journalists had their say:

Megasomething vs. Giant Something Else, Ah Who Cares Anymore Just Start Rolling #NewSyfyOriginals @midnight

— Glen Tickle (@glentickle) July 31, 2014

Colin Firthquake #newSyfyOriginals @midnight

— Damian Holbrook (@TVGMDamian) July 31, 2014

Those handling the Twitter accounts for products had to contribute as well:

Mutant Dust Bunnies From Outer Space 2: Clogaggedon #NewSyFyOriginals

— Dirt Devil (@DirtDevil) July 31, 2014

But it was really the opinion of a monster maker that should be viewed with the most importance:

Stop coming up with #newsyfyoriginals, that's my job.

— Roger Corman (@RogerCorman) July 31, 2014

The party's still going down on Twitter, so there's still time to make your pitch, or just enjoy the monstrous insanity on offer.