My precious! Cops get creative by using LOTR’s Gollum to find the owner of missing ring

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Jan 14, 2014

How do you find a missing ring’s legit owner? You get The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings' Gollum to help, of course!

If there’s one thing to be said about U.K. cops, it’s that they can get pretty creative when attempting to find the owner of a missing preciousss ring.

The cops over at the Solihull Police Station were trying to reunite a stolen ring with its owner, so they sent this tweet.

We are trying to reunite this precious ring with it's rightful owner, do you recognise it? http://t.co/GzjycxIwAr

— Solihull Police (@SolihullPolice) 13 Janvier 2014

Evidently not getting the results they were hoping for, they decided to get a bit more creative and recruited one of Middle-earth’s sneakiest, most untrustworthy residents to help in their endeavor.

We’re looking for the rightful owner of the suspected stolen ring, already had to turn this man away: pic.twitter.com/2pC3rAx6Af

— Solihull Police (@SolihullPolice) 13 Janvier 2014

Not content to end it with that, Detective Constable Tom Finch and company followed this tweet with another very Lord of the Rings-y pun.

We apologise for the ‘Ring’ puns today, it’s difficult to break the hobbit.

— Solihull Police (@SolihullPolice) 13 Janvier 2014

And our day just got a little bit more awesome.

(via Radio Times)