Pacific Rim writer fires back against haters who called it a flop

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Aug 13, 2013

Despite the fact that it’s gone on to solid numbers across the globe, Pacific Rim is still viewed by most in the U.S. as a flop, due to its weak domestic opening. Now writer Travis Beacham has a message for the haters.

Beacham worked with director Guillermo del Toro to put together the mechs-vs.-monsters epic, and he’s pretty proud of the fact that it’s kicking ass just about everywhere.

He’s so proud that he’s throwing out some snarkiness of his own, pointing out that the film’s worldwide gross is way higher than its big-but-not-huge budget. Can you say sequel?

Budget: $190m. Gross: $344m. Now I'm no math whiz, but I feel like that second number might be quite a bit bigger than the first one.

— Travis Beacham (@travisbeacham) August 12, 2013

@AndyDahm Hey we'll see. I only care insofar as it predicts a sequel. I'm unconvinced that anyone outside the studio has the math sorted.

— Travis Beacham (@travisbeacham) August 12, 2013

Considering all the bad buzz the film received in the States after falling below expectations, it's nice to see that its proven to have some staying power in other markets. Here’s hoping the global performance is enough to get a sequel in development, pronto.

Del Toro and Beacham created a pretty awesome world, and we’d love to see them get a chance to play in it.

What do you think? Will we get a sequel? 

(Via Travis Beacham)