Ride an SRB video into space

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Mar 4, 2011
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NASA has posted video taken from cameras mounted on the solid rocket boosters of STS 133, the Shuttle mission currently underway. It's pretty amazing to watch:

Most of the video is silent. However, at the 14:46 mark the video cuts to a camera equipped with sound, and although the Orbiter is well out of the part of Earth's atmosphere where sound can carry, the metal in the booster itself -- as you can hear -- is more than enough to transmit sound!

After about a minute in you can see the shadow of the plume on the ocean, and at the 2:25 mark... well, it gets pretty exciting. You'll see. If there's some moment in particular you like, leave a comment below and let others know!

Credit: NASA. Tip o' the nose cone to Barbara at Spasms of Accomodation for helping me find this video.