Ron Howard continues to offer tantalizing Han Solo set pics

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Lucas Siegel
Aug 10, 2017

New Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (not final title) director Ron Howard has ushered in an incredible era of transparency as he's come onto the movie. Star Wars films tend to be cloaked in secrecy behind an impenetrable shield-gate, but perhaps due to the unique nature of his joining the film, Howard has been sharing relatively innocuous pictures from the set since he officially signed on for production last month.

Howard's latest share is another from what appears to be some sort of banquet scene, this image seeing the director reviewing a shot on a monitor. It's a crowded scene, easily 20 people involved, with a brunette facing away from the camera, speaking to a woman who some fans think is a blurry image of a Twi'lek, the head-tailed race of aliens.

Howard previously shared a close-up of some of the Star Wars food from this scene, which sure seems to be a pivotal one. If this involves Han and Lando at a dinner, well, that didn't go so well the last time we saw it on screen, in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The opulence of the banquet seems to indicate that it's being held by either a major player in the Empire or a major player in the Underworld (or both -- as we've seen in novels like Thrawn, they're often one and the same).

Ron Howard’s tweeting spree from the set of Disney’s Han Solo movie continued Thursday with two additional sneak peeks at the Star Wars film. One showed a video of a crane, which he captioned, “Rehearsing a crane shot as we wait for sundown.”

Another video depicted what appeared to be the smoldering carcass of a speeder vehicle, with the director quipping, “Where old Speeders go to die.”

Han Solo is still untitled but is in extended principal photography now for a May 25, 2018, release.