Rumor of the Day: Bat and Cat to join forces in Dark Knight Rises?

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Dec 14, 2012

The latest juicy, spoiler-ridden rumors surrounding The Dark Knight Rises suggest that Batman and Catwoman will fight on the same side in the movie—and that their adversaries will bring director Christopher Nolan's film trilogy full circle.

If there's truth to any of this, here's your official spoiler warning. Got it? Okay. Now let's proceed: Following Anne Hathaway's recent revelation that she will in fact appear as Catwoman in the movie (and not just as her alter ego, Selina Kyle), a source has told Badass Digest that by the end of the film, Catwoman will not be a villain at all but instead will team up with the Caped Crusader.

Their common enemy? The League of Shadows, led by Talia al Ghul (presumably played by Marion Cotillard) and her "muscle/possible love interest," Bane (Tom Hardy). Apparently their fellow Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt's yet-to-be-identified character will also be an ally of the League of Shadows as well.

Of course, in many ways, this scenario makes sense. Bruce Wayne was trained by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows in Batman Begins, but ended up fighting their plans to destroy Gotham City, sending Ra's to his death in the process. The return of the League, with Talia out to avenge her dad and big ol' Bane eager to help her break the Bat, could make for a perfect ending to Nolan's epic storyline.

We're not sure how Catwoman fits into all this, but Selina has become both an ally and lover of Bruce Wayne in the comics over the years, so it seems like this story could follow that same arc.

The catch here is that ALL of this could be misinformation deliberately leaked by the Nolan camp to throw fans off the trail and keep everyone guessing. We'll see how that plays out once filming begins in May and more information starts coming to light. But does this sound plausible to you? If so, do you think it will make for a spectacular finish to Nolan's Batman saga?