Rumor of the Day: Ellen Page joins TDKR as the future Batgirl

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Dec 15, 2012

We're so used to hearing rumors about The Dark Knight Rises at this point that we live in a permanent state of skepticism, but some of them are just so intriguing that we can't resist.

On the heels of the news that Dark Knight Rises is set eight years after The Dark Knight, we heard that Ellen Page may have joined the cast as Commissioner Gordon's grown-up daughter, who in comics continuity just happens to end up as Batgirl.

This particular rumor was spawned by a random fan/spy who just happened to be wandering around the New York set of The Dark Knight Rises when he spotted a trailer with the name "E. Page" written on the door, and beneath that name was written another name: "B. Gordon."

Barbara Gordon, of course, is the young daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman). She grows into the first Batgirl, and later evolves into Oracle and then—thanks to DC Comics' New 52 reboot—turns back into Batgirl again. Could any of that make its way into The Dark Knight Rises?

It is at least partially set up already. In The Dark Knight, Gordon has a daughter, though she's never named, and based on her approximate age in that flick, she'd certainly be into her late teens by the time Dark Knight Rises begins. Plus, there's this amusing clip from an MTV Geek interview back in 2008, when Nolan grins and refuses to answer when he's asked if Gordon's young daughter is in fact named Barbara.

So, if this is true, and Ellen Page did make her way into her second Christopher Nolan film to play a member of the Batman family, how much can we expect? Probably not much more than a cameo appearance, since the flick is already packed with so much else. But still, what if she's part of some big closing sequence of heroes vs. villains?

What do you think? Could any of this possibly be happening?

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